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Atomic-Iodine is stable non-toxic form of iodine that liberates the element in an atomic or nascent state.
According to Webster's Dictionary, the word Nascent means:coming or having recently come into existence

Atomic-Iodine, also known as Atomidine in the Edgar Cayce Readings. This Atomic-Iodine product is made according to the Original Edgar Cayce recipe for making bio-available liquid iodine safe for internal and external use. This formula is electrified as indicated in the Edgar Cayce Health Care Philosophy.

The original Edgar Cayce Readings for iodine were for a 1% dilution. This is important, because idoine is a trace mineral necessary for healthy thyroid functioning. Amounts of any trace mineral taken in larger dosages cna be toxic for some people.

Atomic Iodine a consumable type of iodine in form of atomic (not in molecular form). It is an iodine atom that contain incomplete electrone number. Atomic Iodine is paramagnetic. It does mean that atoms of iodine may hold an electromagnetic charge and that it has a powerful release energy when consumed and recognized by the person’s body as the same iodine which is produced by individual’s thyroid and effortlessly absorbed by the body.

Some individuals notice extra energy just after 1st day of using Atomic Iodine. People, who suffer with iodine deficiency, will feel better very soon after using this product. Atomic Iodine 1% consists of organic grain alcohol, safe for human consumption.

The dosage depends each individaul person's healt condition. 1 drop = 200mcg of iodine. If Atomic-Iodine used for general health improvement or additional energy, the person should take up to 6 drops every day. Small frequent doses of such iodine are more effective than the larger dosage at less frequent interval.

Many people will notice importance to build up (gradually) in order to experience the lowest number of detoxification symptoms.

The product can be taken on an empty stomach, half hour before or one hour after meals, supplements, or medications. Using after 4p.m. raises energy levels and may cause insomnia in some people depending upon their current health condition. The best time to take it it 3 time per day, before breakfast, lunch and finishing off with the last dose before 4p.m.

The atomic color of Iodine is Purple.  Liquid Atomic Iodine is dark brown and can stain the skin.

Iodine in its elemental form is a metal that is toxic in large quantities.

In the study of naturopathic remedies, there are many remedies that are helpful in trace amounts, and are toxic in higher amounts, or in their raw form. Atomic Iodine is an Upfront Merchant on TheFind. Click for info.